Thigh highs , sky highs and come on baby lets do the fashion fly by.
So darlings, I’m stuck writing this piece at 12:54 pm its late, but I’m excited I just Spotted the latest Proenza fall collection online. A year ago I was saying Thigh highs, thigh highs, thigh highs! Way back then the girl at La Senza looked at me funny and thought I was dressing up for a scene of Moulin Rouge or I was some stripper from Greenside or something. Nevertheless, I say ‘No!’ think again, think this year’s fall collection, think ... Proenza!
For those of you who are still new to this fashion thing, I suggest you buy a guide because this column is not for the faint hearted occasional Fashionista and no, Proenza is not the latest mood enhancer, but if you buy a piece of their latest collection it might even be better than that bottle of Prozac next to your bed! Step aside Prada, there’s a new bitch in town and she’s wearing knee highs and baby doll dresses!
So how is it that something so outdated can make a come-back in less than a month and get every well known celebrity to fight for a chance to see the collection on the fall runway?
Rules ? What rules?
Well knowing fashion and it’s so called rules, anything goes or does it? The skinny jean and scarf look has basically been around since Siena Miller posed on her 1st issue of Vogue. Since then the world has gone gaga over skinny’s and scarf’s. Scarf’s in all colours and styles like the recent war scarf’s fad. Don’t forget the latest fad leather jackets, teamed up with skinny’s. Since our favourite it girl, Taylor Momsen dressed as a grungy but stylish rocker chick on CW’s Gossip Girl, the world has been tamed over by the leather jacket.
But in this month’s fall collection skinny has gotten a make-over.
This month’s Proenza collection is grungy and daring with a little bit je ne suis que. The show stopper a pair of J brand skinny jeans, graffiti printed and high waisted was an instant hit and sold out throughout European stores.
If that wasn’t enough, Proenzas fans were even more delighted with the varsity jackets teamed up with the sexy knee high look. Sure to bring the cool back to school on the streets of the world. Keeping in line with Proenza’s stunning out there collection, was the Marc Jacobs collection as always stylish and elegant as only Marc Jacobs can be.
Now there’s a secret you need to know about me ... shhhht! I might have to kill you if you tell anyone ... I can tell all ... but I can’t reveal my name or the latest celeb I jetted off with to New York ... but I can reveal this: I’m a sucker for Marc Jacobs, if fashion had a king who ruled over all of fashion land it would be Marc and his exhaustingly exuberantly creative genius that always comes up with something new, fresh and exciting. He is my hero. Well, my secret is out and now I can tell you that I’d just about buy anything by Marc and that includes the latest Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume special that comes with a limited edition free bag. Someone please bring me a millionaire? Hallo! Any one? Please?
It might be old but who says it can’t be new?
As cheesy and cheap as that may sound I’d do anything, anything that is for a Marc Jacobs.
Keeping with all things old and borrowed and back in the fall 2010 collection is the return of the tweed jacket, a trend we saw coming up in the early turn of the century in 2000. Well it’s back and its stylish and its grey. Marc Jacobs latest collection started off with a gray sweatshirt, a pair of low heal croc pumps (you heard right, croc pumps so if you’re in Peta you might want to skip this part) and full on ankle socks! As a critic put it, it’s really stylish to see something that isn’t really trying to be new.
That brings me to my part what exactly is new? What’s wrong with old? Maybe new really is just the old. Old or is it new is just an invention or reincarnation of the old. And besides keeping in the spirit of things and this year’s fall collection - keep it simple, keep it stylish and dig into your wardrobe for those outdated numbers. Store your valuable items, rather than throwing them out, because vintage is oh s-o-o-o-o cool. Until next month stay tres fabulous my darlings and stay away from the crème brule!